Category: "July"

July 31

1498 - Christopher Columbus, on his third voyage to the Western Hemisphere, arrived at the island of Trinidad.  1790 - The first U.S. patent was issued to Samuel Hopkins for his process for making potash and pearl ashes. The substance was used in… more »

July 30

1502 - Christopher Columbus landed at Guanaja in the Bay Islands off the coast of Honduras during his fourth voyage.  1619 - The first representative assembly in America convened in Jamestown, VA. (House of Burgesses)  1729 - The city of Baltimore was… more »

July 29

1588 - The English defeated the Spanish Armada in the Battle of Gravelines.  1754 - The first international boxing match was held. The 25-minute match was won when Jack Slack of Britain knocked out Jean Petit from France.  1773 - The first schoolhouse… more »

July 28

1821 - Peru declared its independence from Spain.  1865 - The American Dental Association proposed its first code of ethics.  1866 - The metric system was legalized by the U.S. Congress for the standardization of weights and measures throughout the… more »

July 27

1214 - At the Battle of Bouvines in France, Philip Augustus of France defeated John of England.  1245 - Frederick II was deposed by a council at Lyons after they found him guilty of sacrilege.  1663 - The British Parliament passed a second Navigation… more »
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