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September 30

1399 - Henry Bolingbroke became the King of England as Henry IV.  1777 - The Congress of the United States moved to York, PA, due to advancing British forces.  1787 - The Columbia left Boston and began the trip that would make it the first American… more »

September 29

1789 - A regular army was established by the U.S. War Department with several hundred men.  1829 - The first public appearance by London's re-organized police force was met with jeers from political opponents. The force became known as Scotland Yard. … more »

September 28

1066 - England was invaded by William the Conqueror who claimed the English throne.  1542 - San Diego, CA, was discovered by Portuguese navigator Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo.  1687 - The Turks surrendered Athens to the Venetians.  1781 - During the… more »

September 27

1779 - John Adams was elected to negotiate with the British over the American Revolutionary War peace terms.  1825 - George Stephenson operated the first locomotive that hauled a passenger train.  1894 - The Aqueduct Race Track opened in New York… more »

September 26

1777 - Philadelphia was occupied by British troops during the American Revolutionary War.  1789 - Thomas Jefferson was appointed America's first Secretary of State. John Jay was appointed the first chief justice of the U.S.Samuel Osgood was appointed… more »

September 25

1492 - The crew of the Pinta, one of Christopher Columbus' ships, mistakenly thought that they had spotted land.  1493 - Christopher Columbus left Spain with 17 ships on his second voyage to the Western Hemisphere.  1513 - The Pacific Ocean was… more »

September 24

1789 - The U.S. Congress passed the First Judiciary Act. The act provided for an Attorney General and a lower federal courts.  1869 - Thousands of businessmen were financially ruined after a panic on Wall Street. The panic was caused by an attempt to… more »

September 23

1642 - The first commencement at Harvard College, in Cambridge, MA, was held.  1779 - John Paul Jones, commander of the American warship Bon Homme, was quoted as saying "I have not yet begun to fight!"  1780 - John Andre, a British spy, was captured… more »

September 22

1789 - The U.S. Congress authorized the office of Postmaster General.  1792 - The French Republic was proclaimed.  1862 - U.S. President Lincoln issued the preliminary Emancipation Proclamation. It stated that all slaves held within rebel states would… more »

September 21

1792 - The French National Convention voted to abolish the monarchy.  1784 - "The Pennsylvania Packet and Daily Advertiser" was published for the first time in Philadelphia. It was the first daily paper inAmerica.  1893 - Frank Duryea took what is… more »

September 20

1519 - Portuguese navigator Ferdinand Magellan left Spain to find a route to the Spice Islands of Indonesia. Magellan was killed during the trip, but one of his ships eventually made the journey.  1870 - The Papal States came under the control of… more »

September 19

1356 - The Battle of Poitiers was fought between England and France. Edward "the Black Prince" captured France's King John.  1777 - The Battle of Saratoga was won by American soldiers during the Revolutionary War.  1796 - U.S. President Washington's… more »

September 18

1709 - The creator of the first dictionary of the English language, Samuel Johnson, was born in England.  1759 - The French formally surrendered Quebec to the British.  1763 - It was reported, by the Boston Gazette, that the first piano had been built… more »

September 17

1394 - In France, Charles VI published an ordinance that expelled all Jews from France.  1778 - The United States signed its first treaty with a Native American tribe, the Delaware Nation.  1787 - The Constitution of the United States of America was… more »

September 16

1400 - Owain Glyndwr was proclaimed Prince of Wales after rebelling against English rule. He was the last Welsh-born Prince of Wales.  1620 - The Mayflower departed from Plymouth, England. The ship arrived at Provincetown, MA, on November 21st and then… more »

September 15

1775 - An early and unofficial American flag was raised by Lieutenant Colonel Isaac Mott after the seizing of Fort Johnson from the British. The flag was dark blue with the white word "Liberty" spelled on it.  1776 - British forces occupied New York… more »

September 14

1807 - Former U.S. Vice President Aaron Burr was acquitted of a misdemeanor charge. Two weeks earlier Burr had been found innocent of treason.  1812 - Moscow was set on fire by Russians after Napoleon Bonaparte's troops invaded.  1814 - Francis Scott… more »

September 13

1759 - The French were defeated by the British on the Plains of Abraham in the final French and Indian War.  1788 - The Constitutional Convention decided that the first federal election was to be held on Wednesday the following February. On that day… more »

September 12

1609 - English explorer Henry Hudson sailed down what is now known as the Hudson River.  1814 - During the War of 1812, the Battle of North Point was fought in Maryland.  1866 - "The Black Crook" opened in New York City. It was the first American… more »

September 11

1297 - Scotsman William Wallace defeated the English forces of Sir Hugh de Cressingham at the Battle of Stirling Bridge.  1499 - French forces took over Milan, Italy.  1609 - Explorer Henry Hudson sailed into New York harbor and discovered Manhattan… more »

September 10

1608 - John Smith was elected president of the Jamestown, VA colony council.  1794 - America's first non-denominational college was charted. Blount College later became the University of Tennessee.  1813 - The first defeat of British naval squadron… more »

September 9

490 B.C. - The Battle of Marathon took place between the invading Persian army and the Athenian Army. The marathon race was derived from the events that occurred surrounding this battle.  1776 - The second Continental Congress officially made the term… more »

September 8

1565 - A Spanish expedition established the first permanent European settlement in North America at present-day St. Augustine, FL.  1664 - The Dutch surrendered New Amsterdam to the British, who then renamed it New York.  1866 - The first recorded… more »

September 7

1812 - Napoleon defeated the Russian army of Alexander I at the battle of Borodino.  1813 - The nickname "Uncle Sam" was first used as a symbolic reference to the United States. The reference appeared in an editorial in the New York's Troy Post.  1822… more »

September 6

1620 - The Pilgrims left on the Mayflower from Plymouth, England to settle in the New World.  1819 - Thomas Blanchard patented a machine called the lathe.  1837 - The Oberlin Collegiate Institute of Ohio went co-educational.  1876 - The Southern… more »

September 5

1698 - Russia's Peter the Great imposed a tax on beards.  1774 - The first session of the U.S. Continental Congress convenes in Philadelphia. The delegates drafted a declaration of rights and grievances, organized the Continental Association, and… more »

September 4

0476 - Romulus Augustulus, the last emperor of the western Roman Empire, was deposed when Odoacer proclaimed himself King of Italy.  1609 - English navigator Henry Hudson began exploring the island of Manhattan.  1781 - Los Angeles, CA, was founded by… more »

September 3

1189 - England's King Richard I was crowned in Westminster.  1783 - The Revolutionary War between the U.S. and Great Britain ended with the Treaty of Paris.  1833 - The first successful penny newspaper in the U.S., "The New York Sun," was launched by… more »

September 2

31 B.C. - The Roman leader Octavian defeated the alliance of Mark Antony and Cleopatra. Octavian, as Augustus Caesar, became the first Roman emperor.  1666 - The Great Fire of London broke out. The fire burned for three days destroying 10,000 buildings… more »

September 1

1799 - The Bank of Manhattan Company opened in New York City, NY. It was the forerunner of Chase Manhattan.  1807 - Former U.S. Vice President Aaron Burr was found innocent of treason.  1810 - The first plow with interchangeable parts was patented by… more »