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June 30

1097 - The Crusaders defeated the Turks at Dorylaeum.  1841 - The Erie Railroad rolled out its first passenger train.  1859 - Charles Blondin became the first person to cross Niagara Falls on a tightrope.  1894 - Korea declared independence from… more »

June 29

1236 - Ferdinand III of Castile and Leon took Cordoba in Spain.  1652 - Massachusetts declared itself an independent commonwealth.  1767 - The British Parliament approved the Townshend Revenue Acts. The acts imposed import duties on glass, lead,… more »

June 28

1635 - The French colony of Guadeloupe was established in the Caribbean.  1675 - Frederick William of Brandenburg crushed the Swedes.  1709 - The Russians defeated the Swedes and Cossacks at the Battle of Poltava.  1776 - American Colonists repulsed… more »

June 27

0363 - The death of Roman Emperor Julian brought an end to the Pagan Revival.  1693 - "The Ladies' Mercury" was published by John Dunton in London. It was the first women's magazine and contained a "question and answer" column that became known as a… more »

June 26

1096 - Peter the Hermit's crusaders forced their way across Sava, Hungary.  1243 - The Seljuk Turkish army in Asia Minor was wiped out by the Mongols.  1483 - Richard III usurped himself to the English throne.  1794 - The French defeated an Austrian… more »

June 25

0841 - Charles the Bald and Louis the German defeated Lothar at Fontenay.  1080 - At Brixen, a council of bishops declared Pope Gregory to be deposed and Archbishop Guibert as antipope Clement III.  1580 - The Book of Concord was first published. The… more »

June 24

1314 - Scottish forces led by Robert the Bruce won over Edward II of England at the Battle of Bannockburn in Scotland.  1340 - The English fleet defeated the French fleet at Sluys, off the Flemish coast.  1497 - Italian explorer John Cabot, sailing in… more »

June 23

1683 - William Penn signed a friendship treaty with Lenni Lenape Indians in Pennsylvania.  1700 - Russia gave up its Black Sea fleet as part of a truce with the Ottoman Empire.  1758 - British and Hanoverian armies defeated the French at Krefeld in… more »

June 22

1558 - The French took the French town of Thioville from the English.  1611 - English explorer Henry Hudson, his son and several other people were set adrift in present-day Hudson Bay by mutineers.  1772 - Slavery was outlawed in England.  1807 -… more »

June 21

1404 - Owain Glyndwr established a Welsh Parliament at Machynlleth and was crowned Prince of Wales.  1788 - The U.S. Constitution went into effect when New Hampshire became the ninth state to ratify it.  1834 - Cyrus McCormick patented the first… more »

June 20

0451 - Roman and Barbarian warriors brought Attila's army to a halt at the Catalaunian Plains in eastern France.  1397 - The Union of Kalmar united Denmark, Sweden, and Norway under one monarch.  1756 - In India, 150 British soldiers were imprisoned… more »

June 19

0240 BC - Eratosthenes estimated the circumference of the Earth using two sticks.  1586 - English colonists sailed away from Roanoke Island, NC, after failing to establish England's first permanent settlement in America.  1778 - U.S. General George… more »

June 18

1155 - Frederick I Barbarossa was crowned emperor of Rome.  1429 - French forces defeated the English at the battle of Patay. The English had been retreating after the siege of Orleans.  1621 - The first duel in America took place in the Plymouth Colo… more »

June 17

0362 - Emperor Julian issued an edict banning Christians from teaching in Syria.  1579 - Sir Francis Drake claimed San Francisco Bay for England. (California)  1775 - The British took Bunker Hill outside of Boston.  1789 - The Third Estate in France… more »

June 16

0455 - Rome was sacked by the Vandal army.  1487 - The War of the Roses ended with the Battle of Stoke.  1567 - Mary, Queen of Scots, was imprisoned in Lochleven Castle in Scotland.  1815 - Napoleon defeated the Prussians at the Battle of Ligny,… more »

June 15

1215 - King John of England put his seal on the Magna Carta.  1381 - The English peasant revolt was crushed in London.  1389 - Ottoman Turks crushed Serbia in the Battle of Kosovo.  1607 - Colonists in North America completed James Fort in… more »

June 14

1775 - The Continental Army was founded by the Second Continental Congress for purposes of common defense. This event is considered to be the birth of the United States Army. On June 15, George Washington was appointed commander-in-chief.  1777 - The… more »

June 13

1415 - Henry the Navigator, the prince of Portugal, embarked on an expedition to Africa.  1777 - The Marquis de Lafayette arrived in the American colonies to help with their rebellion against the British.  1789 - Ice cream was served to General George… more »

June 12

1099 - Crusade leaders visited the Mount of Olives where they met a hermit who urged them to assault Jerusalem.  1442 - Alfonso V of Aragon was crowned King of Naples.  1665 - England installed a municipal government in New York. It was the former… more »

June 11

1346 - Charles IV of Luxembourg was elected Holy Roman Emperor in Germany.  1509 - King Henry VIII married his first of six wives, Catherine of Aragon.  1770 - Captain James Cook discovered the Great Barrier Reef off of Australia when he ran aground. … more »

June 10

1776 - The Continental Congress appointed a committee to write a Declaration of Independence.  1793 - The Jardin des Plantes zoo opened in Paris. It was the first public zoo.  1801 - The North African State of Tripoli declared war on the U.S. The… more »

June 9

1064 - Coimbra, Portugal fell to Ferdinand, the King of Castile.  1534 - Jacques Cartier became the first to sail into the river he named Saint Lawrence.  1790 - John Barry copyrighted "Philadelphia Spelling Book." It was the first American book to be… more »

June 8

0452 - Italy was invaded by Attila the Hun.  0793 - The Vikings raided the Northumbrian coast of England.  1786 - In New York City, commercial ice cream was manufactured for the first time.  1790 - The first loan for the U.S. was repaid. The… more »

June 7

1494 - Spain and Portugal divided the new lands they had discovered between themselves.  1498 - Christopher Columbus left on his third voyage of exploration.  1546 - Peace of Ardes ended the war between France and England.  1654 - Louis XIV was… more »

June 6

1674 - Sivaji crowned himself King of India.  1813 - The U.S. invasion of Canada was halted at Stony Creek, Ontario.  1833 - Andrew Jackson became the first U.S. president to ride in a train. It was a B&O passenger train.  1844 - The Young Men's… more »

June 5

1595 - Henry IV's army defeated the Spanish at the Battle of Fontaine-Francaise.  1752 - Benjamin Franklin flew a kite for the first time to demonstrate that lightning was a form of electricity.  1783 - A hot-air balloon was demonstrated by Joseph and… more »

June 4

1615 - The fortress of Osaka, Japan, fell to shogun Ieyasu after a six month siege.  1647 - The British army seized King Charles I and held him as a hostage.  1674 - Horse racing was prohibited in Massachusetts.  1717 - The Freemasons were founded in… more »

June 3

1608 - The city of Quebec was founded by Samuel de Champlain.  1775 - U.S. Gen. George Washington took command of the Continental Army at Cambridge, MA.  1790 - In Paris, the marquis of Condorcet proposed granting civil rights to women.  1844 - Ambas… more »

June 2

1537 - Pope Paul III banned the enslavement of Indians.  1774 - The Quartering Act, which required American colonists to allow British soldiers into their houses, was reenacted.  1793 - Maximillian Robespierre initiated the "Reign of Terror". It was… more »

June 1

1533 - Anne Boleyn, Henry VIII’s new queen, was crowned.  1774 - The British government ordered the Port of Boston closed.  1789 - The first U.S. congressional act on administering oaths became law.  1792 - Kentucky became the 15th state of the U.S. … more »