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John B

In response to: Romans 2:8-10 ( posted 10-23-11 )

Dear blog editor, would your readers benefit from this picture? Obviousy, it reveals Jesus is the Messiah.

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Paul Denton

In response to: Romans 1:30 ( posted 5-4-11 )

Paul Denton

Thanks, Wayne! We know some of these people. Some are family members. Really good folks, but don’t realize what they are insinuating at certain times. Probably be in heaven, but possibly not in the Kingdom of God.

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In response to: Romans 1:17 Continued ( posted 2-24-11 )

Absolutly loved it I just got home from work i was tired but when i started read it i could not to give up to read now im finished read all,i can tell very poinet it means warming up heart,and awakening!One think I know I would like to get rewards in heaven but first i have work on my nature to fix because still i have some bad manors what i would like to get rid of it.Forgivness absolutly!!!i do alwasy even if hard especially when you work in 3rd shift,If somebody wants to being in training and try go and sign up for 3rd shift in wall mart!sign up for C I T Christians In Training class today! and get some attitude,forgivness,pations lessons for start than we will not jocking! your body metabolisum will turn 360 degree and your flesh will scream!your attitude change and a grumpy period begann!than the question is can you handle it or not?can you not darined by the morning spiritually and phisically?and i can give you example on and on.

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