This Week's Sermon: Prophecy ( 9-14-15 )

As I have been watching the people fleeing from the Middle East and trying to get into Europe, I have been wondering what is going on.

There has always been turmoil in the Middle East but never has there been such a massive evacuation from there, as today.


Even knowing Bible prophecy I have always wondered what circumstances would bring Europe, Turkey, Syria and Egypt together to form the future 10 horns of Daniel.

Unlike today, these countries were at one time united under the Roman Empire, and under Alexander the Great, before Rome.


It occurred to me that these people trying to get into Europe could bring a connection between Europe and the Middle East that could be the basis for the formation of the 10 countries, which would then include Syria and Egypt.


Just a guess.


However, my friend, something is definitely going on.


It seems like everything on this planet is getting extreme lately. I listen to people in the news saying things like storms are getting worse, etc...etc...


Jesus might be returning in the Rapture sooner than we think.


I hope so, anyway.


Keep your inner faith in “ the faith “ and do not let yourself get wrapped up in the things of this world.


If you belong to Jesus, remember to pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ who are suffering persecution because of their faith in Jesus.


If you live here in America, do not be surprised if persecution comes to this country.


I beg Jesus to return.


Like John said;


...Even so, come, Lord Jesus. “   Revelation 22:20


Wayne Brown