This Week's Sermon: Prophecy continued ( 6-9-15 )

I was talking to someone recently who did not know Israel would be a nation forever.


Most people think Israel will again be destroyed as it was back in 70A.D by the Romans.


While the Romans killed many Jews, many Jews were left scattered everywhere, and even though still God's chosen people, they were not a nation until they once again became a nation back in 1948, which was done in fulfillment of Bible prophecy.


The person I was talking to was surprised when I told him Israel will forever be a nation.


We must remember that Daniel's 70th week could only start after Israel once again became a nation...which it is now.


The antichrist is the one who will start Daniel's 70th week when he brings the Jews and the Arabs together to sign a 7 year peace treaty.


This 7 year peace treaty is what is referred to as the 7 year tribulation period...and Daniel's 70th week.


Since 1948, when Israel once again became a nation, the prophetic formation of the 10 horns of Daniel leading to the rise of the antichrist out of one of the 10 horns, being Syria, can happen anytime.


The 10 horns of Daniel will be ten nations that will form within the boundaries of the Old Roman Empire to be a present day world power, being the foundation of the rise of the antichrist who will come out of Syria, who then will take over not only his own country Syria but 3 other nations of the 10, being Greece, Turkey and Egypt, and then the other 6 nations will automatically submit to the antichrist.

Then, he will be in control of this newly formed world power, a revision of the Old Roman Empire consisting of 10 nations.


Sometime between today and the antichrist taking control of all 10 nations and bringing the Jews and the Arabs together to sign the 7 year peace treaty, the Rapture will have already happened.


Praise the Lord!


Wayne Brown