This Week's Sermon: Prophecy continued/Grace ( 5-13-15 )

I will start out this sermon about prophecy and then talk about God's grace.


In case you are not aware, according to the news there are now 56 million Americans here in this country who have willingly withdrawn from any religion and any church company that exists.


Whatever the actual reason is, I think it is mainly due to the hypocrisy within the religion and the church company itself.


The problem is, this withdrawal includes people who were once of what the apostle Paul calls, “ the faith “.

But nevertheless, Paul prophesied that this departure from “ the faith “ would happen.

Many followers of Jesus will depart from “ the faith “...before Jesus returns, according to the Bible.


So, this should not be a shock to those of us who actually follow Jesus and believe the Holy Bible in its entirety, and not just selected verses within it – that is, that we like and prefer...which unfortunately, is the common way of Biblical interpretation in today's modern evangelical society.


Now I turn to the subject of “ grace “.


We must remember that in interpreting the Holy Bible, it is not meant to be in the manner as most evangelicals do today – that being, accept the verses we like and reject the verses we do not like...which is the problem in today's modern evangelicalism.


According to the Holy Bible, there is no such thing as a “ dispensation of grace “.

This title is a man made term – totally unbiblical.


If you take the time to carefully read the Old Testament portion of the book known as the Holy Bible, you will find God's grace even in that portion of the Holy Bible.


We have to remember and accept the Biblical fact that God is a God of judgment and a God of grace...both.


God made clothes even for Adam and Eve who disobeyed Him and ate of the tree that God told them not to eat of when they discovered that they were naked.

This is grace that God showed to Adam and Eve.


Also, which later I will get into, there is a drastic difference between the judgment of God and the wrath of God...both being shown in and throughout the Old Testament portion of the Holy Bible and throughout the portion known as the New Testament.


However, there is a definite specific time period of God's wrath that will be poured out on the world during the period known as the 7 year tribulation period.

What is interesting is that this wrath of God will be worse than even what God poured out on the world in Noah's day and the day of Sodom and Gomorrah.


The drastic difference will be that portions of the wrath of God during the 7 year tribulation period is that even though humans will wish to die and escape the wrath of God, they cannot die. God will not let them die.

That would be too easy for them.

They must remain alive and suffer what God pours out on them.

This will be horrible for them and worse than it was when God flooded the entire planet and when He destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah... as they were allowed to die


We must understand from Scripture that God's grace never had a beginning nor will it ever have an end...according to the Holy Bible.

God is gracious to anyone and I mean literally anyone who is repentant in their heart and puts their faith in Jesus Christ who is the God of Israel in the Old Testament portion of the Holy Bible.

You either believe this Biblical fact or you do not.

The choice is yours.

Wayne Brown