This Week's Sermon: ( 10-13-15 )

This morning, there was a video clip on TV shown of a famous actor who recently died. I heard someone who really liked this actor say - “ He is no doubt in Heaven.”

His statement was based on the actor's talent.

He thinks the actor is in Heaven because he was a good actor.


I asked someone - “ If you died today, what reason would God let you into Heaven? “

His response was - “ Oh, I'm not such a bad guy...besides, I think God would enjoy having me around. “


I asked a retired couple the same question.

Her response was - “ Because of the church I belong to. “

His response was - “ Because I had a good job and made good money.”


In all these cases, Jesus was not even mentioned.


A famous talk show host, who belongs to an Evangelical church said publicly - “ I cannot believe that a loving God would let anyone go to eternal hell. “


My friend, most people think they are going to Heaven for a variety of reasons.


Jesus is not even part of the picture.


We live in a time when most people do not even believe hell exists.

They think Jesus lied about the existence of hell and the fact that hell is eternal, not temporary.

They also believe He lied when He claimed to be literally the only way to Heaven, not just one of many ways.


Jesus clearly said;


I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.“   John 14:6


We either believe Jesus or we don't.


The choice is ours.


Wayne Brown