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Just a reminder. The way to lose weight is to go on frequent fast paced walks. Don't jog...not good. Walk fast and sweat. To lose weight a person must sweat. Check your weight at least once a week. This keeps you informed and makes you concerned if the… more »

Losing Weight ( posted 7-27-13 )

I have lost almost 60 pounds and have kept my weight down. The key to losing weight is to sweat, which requires physical activity. If we don't sweat we won't lose. ( or win...however you want to look at it!! ) And what is cool, I still eat the food I… more »

Losing Weight continued ( posted 12-10-12 )

Just a reminder! I know this is the holiday season with Thanksgiving and Christmas and then soon will  come New Years. Including myself, we will be tempted to indulge in our lust for food and certain beverages. Forget the idea of a New Years' resolut… more »

Losing Weight continued ( posted 12-6-12 )

I'm 6' 2" tall. When I got up to somewhere around 245 lbs, actually, for my height that was not really considered fat or obese. But I simply refused to heavier. When I got down to 220lbs, I seemed to reach a plateau and for a while I could not get lo… more »

Losing Weight continued ( posted 12-5-12 )

Do not think just cutting back the amount of food intake is enough! It is obviously just as important to burn off calories. We cannot burn calories sitting and watching TV or browsing the internet. Also, do not think jogging is the best excersize. I… more »
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