For born again christians Part 2

Just as Jesus admitted there will be greater and lesser people in Heaven and also declared that " many " who are presently in this earthly life who are considered to be " first ", will be " last " in Heaven and those who are considered " last " in this present life will be " first " in Heaven, likewise, Jesus admitted there will be people who will suffer worse in eternal hell than others will. According to the Holy Bible Jesus died to pay the price for everyone's sin but what He did on the cross only applies to those who put their inner faith in Him and who choose to believe Jesus is God's only begotten Son whom He sent to the cross to die for all mankind. If someone believes in Jesus as God's only begotten Son, then he or she is redeemed from eternal hell and has been forgiven. However, if a person does not believe in Jesus and dies, he or she will go to eternal hell and suffer for the life he or she lived on this planet. If they had chosen to believe in Jesus as God's only begotten Son then they could have been free from paying the price of their own sins...since Jesus paid the price. Now, since they chose not to believe in Jesus as God's only begotten Son, when they physically die, they will go to hell eternally and suffer for the sins they committed. Obviously, there are worse sinners than others and all who reject God's only begotten Son Jesus will have to pay the price eternally in hell for what they did. Interesting enough, Jesus said that even Sodom and Gomorrah will suffer less punishment than those who have heard the gospel and did not repent and believe the gospel. I've always said that a smart mouth who thinks he or she is smarter than God or anyone else will someday encounter a demon who is far more smarter than he or she could ever fantasize of being and will have to put up with this demon everyday for all eternity as part of their punishment for sin, in which they could have avoided had they repented in this earthly life and believed in Jesus Christ, God's only begotten Son.

Wayne Brown