My Dad died in honor.

He was a believer in Jesus Christ.

He did not live for the world during his remaining time here on earth nor did he have any addictions.

I'm so proud of my Dad.

It is sad when someone like Hugh Hefner will die with women on his mind and will no doubt request that a photo of a nude woman be glued to the lid of his coffin.

Please do not get me wrong.

I believe the Holy Bible when it clearly says that the soul does not linger in the dead corpse. Either the soul goes to eternal hell or it goes to Heaven, depending on what that person believed.

So, what I say is meant to be a humorous way of making a spiritual point.

What is even worse than Hugh Hefner is when an evangelical christian who has heard the gospel all their life spends the remaining years of their life addicted to food, gossiping on the telephone with other gossipers, continuously watching the food channel, continuously watching forensic shows about murder and crime, accuses God of being unfair in giving human beings only 2 choices for their eternal destiny, accuses God of liking war, accuses God of not having a value on human life, blames God for bad weather conditions, thinks that God makes mistakes and thinks that they are smarter than God.

And not only this...if it was up to the evangelical to make the choice, would choose to live a life free of disease, free of trouble, having enough money to live on forever, and most importantly, to live forever without the involvement of satan and God both.

It makes me want to place a phone, the foods they were addicted to, and a battery powered TV tuned in on their favorite channel... inside their coffin. LOL

What a shame to only be remembered for these silly things.

What a disgrace to leave this life in disgrace.

Wayne Brown