Losing Weight continued ( posted 12-3-12 )

A willful decisive act to cut back in the amount of food intake is a start.

To help me stay with it, I weigh myself every week.

If I find I have put on weight, I feel guilty and immediately reinforce my decision to do something about it.

Weighing myself at least once a week, sometimes more, keeps me aware of where I am in the process of losing weight.

Let me tell you now that in cutting back the amount of my favorite foods, I do have to admit that my favorite foods that I know are obviously more designed to put on weight such as pepsi, french fries, donuts, candy, etc...I willfully decided to cut back even more than other foods.

Do not be fooled into thinking that drinking so called " diet drinks" will keep the weight off. LOL!

This is a fool's dream.

Also, quit wasting money on diet foods in general.

You end up eating more thinking you will still be okay and that is definitely not true!  LOL!

I have literally watched friends lose weight and then put it all back on even during diet programs. Diet programs are a joke. A very small percentage of people who fall for diet programs actually keep the weight off.

The problem with obesity is in the soul of a person.

Do not use depression as a justifiable excuse for giving in to lustful food indulgence...and quit blaming others for your weight condition.

Get inner control of yourself and admit you have a problem.

Like anything else in life, it is a choice we must make.

I will continue this discussion.

Wayne Brown

Losing Weight continued ( posted 11-29-12 )

Always remember, if you do not think you lust for food or are addicted to certain foods and beverages, then you live in a dream world and will never come to reality.

If you never think you are doing anything wrong then you will never repent of your uncontrollable lust and insatiable appetite...nor will you ever get control of it.

The key to victory over eating habits is to get to where you eat to live, not live to eat.

Over a period of time, by making the decision to eat less of the things I love to eat, I found in time my stomach inside was actually shrinking.

In other words, it was getting to a point where I was full sooner than I would once have been.

Let me explain.

Instead of eating 2 plates of a delicious meal, I realized I was full and could not eat anymore after the first plate.

This was a very noticeable change for me.

In time, I was actually so full I could not breathe after eating half the amount I normally would have.  LOL!

I will continue this soon.

Wayne Brown

Losing Weight continued ( posted 11-28-12 )

I decided that I will not deprive myself of the foods I love to eat.

I made up my mind that I will eat less of the foods I love to eat.

This takes an act of the will.

I logically figured that I could learn discipline in abstaining from lustful indulgence of food by allowing myself to still eat the same things I always loved to eat....but now eat less in quantity of it.

It took a while, but I eventually got to where I limited my fantasy foods to weekend enjoyment only...not during the week as I would normally do.

I eventually got the will power to restrict my lusts and only give in to the foods I love, to weekends only.

I will continue this soon.

Wayne Brown

Losing Weight continued ( posted 11-27-12 )

The first thing to getting victory over being fat is to admit that you have a problem.

When I realized that I was rapidly approaching a 42 waist pant, I said to myself - " That will never happen! "

That is when I got control of my lust for food and decided to put a stop to my indulging in food.

I will continue this soon.

Wayne Brown

Losing weight

If you realize you could possibly be in danger of getting diabetes or any other disease as the result of being too fat -  if you listen to me carefully, I will teach you how to lose weight in a safe manner and keep the weight off.

My name is Wayne Brown.

I'm the author of the Bible studies within this website.

I have lost over 50lbs and continue to keep my weight down.

Diet plans are a complete waste of money. LOL!

People who spend lots of money on famous diet plans only end up putting the weight back on and then some!

For free, I will teach you how to eat everything you desire and still lose weight, and not only lose weight but keep the weight off... permanently.

Stay tuned for update instructional texts I will post about losing weight.

Wayne Brown

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