Paul Crouch TBN

Just in case you did not know, Paul Crouch of TBN died.

He was 79.


I recently had a woman tell me that the only reason she was here in America was because of her American husband. She admitted her heart was in Finland, in which she was born and raised. I'm presently watching a Hallmark movie entitled " Chasing Leprechauns ". An actress said - " Home is where your heart is. " This reminds me of what Jesus said - "...For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. " For those of us who claim to belong to Jesus, is our desire to be with Jesus or is it to enjoy the pleasures of this present world as Demas did...who left Paul.

Wayne Brown


Pastors speak at funerals for money. For me, it is difficult to stand and lie about some deceased party who I never knew what their faith was. LOL!

Wayne Brown


When it seems you are in a situation that has no end, rest will end. The Lord is good!

Wayne Brown


Just a reminder.

The way to lose weight is to go on frequent fast paced walks. Don't jog...not good.

Walk fast and sweat.

To lose weight a person must sweat.

Check your weight at least once a week. This keeps you informed and makes you concerned if the scales go up instead of down.

Many of our walks end up being as long as 4 to 5 miles, sometimes more.

Wayne Brown

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