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Losing Weight continued ( posted 11-29-12 )

Always remember, if you do not think you lust for food or are addicted to certain foods and beverages, then you live in a dream world and will never come to reality. If you never think you are doing anything wrong then you will never repent of your unc… more »

Losing Weight continued ( posted 11-28-12 )

I decided that I will not deprive myself of the foods I love to eat. I made up my mind that I will eat less of the foods I love to eat. This takes an act of the will. I logically figured that I could learn discipline in abstaining from lustful indulg… more »

Losing Weight continued ( posted 11-27-12 )

The first thing necessary to begin the weight reduction process is to admit to yourself that you are too fat. If you are like the famous TV evangelical pastor of the church in San Antonio, Texas who is wider than his pulpit and has an addiction to alco… more »

Losing weight

If you are smart or intelligent enough to realize you could possibly be in danger of getting diabetes or any other disease as the result of being too fat -  if you listen to me carefully, I will teach you how to lose weight in a safe manner and keep the… more »