Summary of Romans Chapter One - ( Part 1 )

Chapter one of the book of Romans is a part of the Bible that is rejected and/or ignored by both secular and religious society, mainly because of fear of its content.

Society in general, including both what the Holy Bible refers to as the “ believer “ and the “ nonbeliever “ has trouble with this chapter because Paul gets down to the roots of our existence as human beings.

Chapter one of Romans describes human beings as we really are.

While every culture within society around the world, both secular and religious has its own philosophical views and opinions of what makes human beings function characteristically with all the inconsistencies, paradoxes and contradictions within each philosophical view, the Holy Bible is straightforward and clear concerning its assessment of us as human beings.

Whether we believe the Holy Bible to be the actual word from the living God to us as human beings or not, it is a fact that when any of us read it, we know in our heart the Holy Bible cuts us to the quick because in our conscience we know it describes us as we really are. This is why most people want nothing to do with the Holy Bible. It makes us see ourselves as we really are and most human beings prefer to live in denial. People search and search for a religion, doctrine, belief or philosophy that satisfies the craving of their itching ears for whatever will appease them in their willful denial.

This is also why many people, both believers and nonbelievers reject chapter one of Romans along with countless other verses in the Bible…it speaks the truth about us as we really are and in reality as we personally know ourself to be.

As in general society, within evangelicalism chapter one of Romans is rarely discussed because it is considered offensive…just as the following are.

1.) eternal hell,

2.) speaking in tongues

3.) the Holy Spirit, including His total existence with His gifts and His works as part of His role in the relationship of a human being with God who comes to believe in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior

4.) eternal damnation

5.) God’s judgment

6.) sin

7.) Jesus claiming to be literally the only way a human being can make it to Heaven

8.) anything at all that Jesus claimed about Himself

and more…

Since all these topics are considered by people who were once Bible believing followers of Jesus Christ to now be offensive to society, a compromise among many evangelicals of their faith in “ the faith “ has been achieved in the name of getting along with those who do not believe in Jesus.

It is funny…all my life I have worked with and made friends with people from all religions, beliefs, faiths, doctrines, philosophies, even atheists, and I have never had to compromise my faith in Jesus Christ just to get along with them. They still liked me and liked being around me and I liked them the same.

We shared our faith and belief and still got along just fine.

Even Jesus wined and dined with sinners and yet still remained Who and What He is.

By the way, atheists believe in God’s existence like any other human being.

Whose name do they use when they curse and swear?

Who do they blame for problems in their life and in the world?

The same person they say does not exist!   LOL

But what is happening in evangelicalism - that is, to born again christians today is in itself a prophecy about the last days that the same writer of this book of Romans, Paul, prophesied about followers of Jesus who will depart “the faith “ before Jesus returns.

No matter what you might have been told...a person cannot believe bits and pieces of "the faith" and be of and remain in " the faith."


We learned from chapter one of Romans that God gave all human beings the knowledge of Himself and His existence.

God manifested and showed all human beings what God wanted human beings to know about Himself;

“ Because that which may be known of God is manifest in them; for God hath shewed it unto them. “

Who the righteousness of God and the wrath of God is, is also revealed to us as human beings. This is the knowledge of Jesus Christ His Son, and Him being the only way of salvation and the only way to make it to Heaven after physical death.

Abraham, even having lived centuries before Jesus was born, like these people Paul wrote about, knew of Jesus.

Jesus said;

 Your father Abraham rejoiced to see my day: and he saw it, and was glad. “ John 8:56

Verily, verily, I say unto you, Before Abraham was, I am. “      John 8:58


I will continue my summary of Romans chapter one soon.


Wayne Brown