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This Week's Sermon

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This Week's Sermon: ( 10-5-15 )

My wife and I used to take non-perishable food to the Denver Rescue Mission.

We knew where the homeless lived on the sidewalks.

A few weeks ago I took some food to the same place where my wife and I used to go but I could not find any homeless people in that location, like we used to.

I kept driving around downtown Denver and found that they had been moved to another location.

I parked against the curb as we used to do, got out and opened the trunk of my car.

A homeless woman was so glad for what I brought. She helped me unload the groceries.

Before I left, I told her to be sure to give her heart to Jesus before she dies and she told me she would.

While I was there, I noticed an increase in numbers of homeless people, since the days my wife and I did this together.

I also noticed that it is no longer just middle age and older people.

I noticed a lot of young people who are homeless, living on the streets.

I had heard this in the news recently and I saw that it is true.

Recently, I came across a couple of young people who were homeless. I gave them some money.

What was interesting is that in talking to them I found out that these homeless young people are born again christians who do believe that Jesus is the only way to Heaven.

My friend, if you want to get a blessing, go to where the homeless are and give them food.

They really appreciate it.

You might be surprised to find out that you are giving to a brother or sister in Christ just as I recently did.

Wayne Brown